One of the most recent Jackpot disputes among players was a food seller in Singapore. The player alleges that the casino she is participating in is attempting to appropriate her winnings and legal winnings. This allegation came when the casino announced a malfunctioning jackpot slot machine.

In an interview published in the Straits Times newspaper, a 58-year-old Singaporean, Choo Hong Eng, said that she was joining a slot machine on Tuesday and received a "Cash Bonus" message with a value of more than $416,000. In the report of the magazine, she said that the casino manager informed her she had received a sports car with a value of $258,962 and received $50,000 in cash. The sports car was an artifact she could vend to this casino and receive for real money.

In this case, the casino representative from Marina Bay Sands Singapore said that this is one of the subjects of a current investigation and should be investigated more thoroughly, so during this time this is not suitable for comment.

However, the vegetarian food chain operator filed a petition to the police and complained about the things she had encountered with the officers saying: "It's a matter of principle. I wouldn't take a single cent. More from them, but I wouldn't accept a single cent less either, ”. In this paper, she also added that the casino has not made an official announcement on the exact completion date of the investigation.

According to the report, the witnesses at the casino at 6 am who witnessed the incident where all of the casino's patrons. Ms. Choo also added that “The other patrons told me not to be taken in. They said there was no indication anywhere that I had won only $ 50,000 and a car.” Among them, Mr. Moo Ngow Chai from Malaysia, 63, is also a witness and gave testimony when he was interviewed yesterday. He said that he saw the things that happened that day and that it was unfair that the casino denied Choo's winnings. He also added that the casino did not leave any pictures of the sports car as the prize and the word Cash Bonus has appeared on the Jackpot slot machine.

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