The Ways To Help Players Defeat The Blackjack Dealer In Online Casino
Blackjack online is an intense wits game between the dealer and the player . The dealer is usually a person with a lot of experience, but to beat the house is not too difficult.

As long as players fully grasp the rules of the bet, how to play, tips or tricks, the victory is completely within reach. Check out the article to learn more 3 ways to help players beat the Blackjack dealer in the online casino! 

Know the rules of Blackjack clearly

The rules of Blackjack are not too difficult to remember, even for beginners who will quickly learn how to play. Blackjack is a very different card game, this is not a competition between players. The only opponent for the player will be the dealer and the other players will not affect your results.

First, the player needs to complete the deposit process to start the game with the minimum bet. Then the dealer has dealt 2 cards to each player in left to right order .

The calculation of points in Blackjack online is as follows: cards 2, 3, and 10 have points corresponding to the numbers on that card. Cards such as J, Q, K are counted as 10 points. For Ace, there will be 2 different calculations, depending on the case that can be counted as 11 points or 1 point.

The aim of the game is to reach the milestone of 21 points, this is also the highest score in the game. Players also need to note not to exceed 21 points, if passed, it is considered a failure in the house.

Blackjack dealer2

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Learn to observe while playing Blackjack online

Observing during the game will help you have more opportunities to defeat the Blackjack dealer. Because if you have the ability to observe will help you increase your chances of winning higher. Observing helps players increase their ability to think and calculate decisions appropriately.

Practice observing and seeing how your cards are, carefully calculate your score and then think about which cases it may occur, what situations you might encounter if you draw more cards. 

When observing all happenings on the game, the player can make a quick strategy and at that time, the dealer can’t know how your cards are. Decisions are also made quickly and accurately!

Blackjack dealer1

Refer tips from experienced players

The Blackjack dealer is all experienced people so how can you close the distance with them? That's the reference through tips, tricks and strategies from experienced Blackjack players. This is something that you need to add a lot to have more good skills when playing Blackjack online.

The experience from players who have gone through many hands will help you a lot to defeat the dealer. Thereby, you can collect more knowledge, tips, tactics or tricks from experienced players to be able to quickly win. At the same time, know the advantages or good effects of the strategies to find and apply to the game. So one of the best ways to get more quick experience is to refer to tips and tricks from experienced players. 

Blackjack dealer

Joining Blackjack online with the most comfortable spirit

The comfortable spirit and a clear mind will almost be a very effective complementary mental medicine for you to play Blackjack well. When you have a good spirit, even if you encounter any difficult cases or bad situations, it will become easier.

In addition, you are not affected by the surrounding influences affecting your concentration. The relaxed spirit of not being pressured to win will make the process of playing Blackjack better. This is one of the keys that makes it easier for players to defeat the dealer. 

Don’t let the personal matters affect into the playing Blackjack online process

When playing Blackjack online make sure that you should not let personal matters affect the participation process. Concentration is essential in order to defeat the dealer. 

If you have any problems, please solve it thoroughly before joining the Blackjack online table game. Make sure that you participate in the most comfortable and focused spirit rather than being bothered by anything else. Obviously, you should make a clear distinction between personal and time involved in playing Blackjack. 

It will be a huge mistake if you let personal matters get in your way and lose focus in your decisions in the course of playing Blackjack online. Remember that you have to make sure the playing time on Blackjack does not affect your leisure time, work or family activities!

If you get the concentration when playing Blackjack, you can increase your chance to defeat the dealer higher! Concentration helps you make the most accurate predictions and decisions.


There are many ways to help you defeat the dealer when playing Blackjack online. Let’s read this article carefully to understand clearly and make the brilliant decisions in Blackjack games. Hopefully, you can apply these tips in your next journey. What are you waiting for? Let’s join Blackjack now!